Explore our patented tools that revolutionize safety for early learning providers and organizations that provide daytime activities for children under five.

Join our amazing community that is disrupting the networking and communication space for early learning providers. Plus, get connected to learn about our micro-credentialing systems for early educators that will revolutionize how we train, support, and financially reward educators of young children.

Using data from over ten years of research we are innovating parent education by working directly with Human Resource officers in major corporations to incorporate parent/family education into the work force.

Using innovative technologies we have mastered the art of passive parent education and coaching with place based tools that help parents interact in ways that are proven to help the brain development of their youngest children.

Next Steps...

We are continually monitoring the early learning landscape and carefully selecting our next innovations. Have an idea? Interested in collaborating or supporting our work? Let us know or feel free to call us anytime at 317.660.1369

Meet Our CEO

Dr. Jody Britten has been a classroom teacher, a professor, assessment coordinator, advocate, author, consultant, and researcher in education. Jody has been continuously engaged with public and private schools around innovation, communication, learning environments, systemic change, student advocacy, and accessibility. Jody’s most recent work has positioned her as a thought leader in developing systems that impact student and parent engagement. Jody has demonstrated a uniquely rich knowledge base of relevant research behind education, parenting, and community engagement. As a community advocate Jody founded the Early Learning Alliance Network to support children, families, and educators using a framework for community-empowerment. Jody provides coaching, speaking, training, and leadership development throughout preK-20 educational systems. Jody and her team work diligently to develop tools that are inspired by practice, informed by research, and ignited by innovation.


Team Leaders

John Nichols,  CIO. Lead of Digital Innovation and Innovation Vetting

Dave Miles, Lead of Programming and Making Things Work

Andrew Sherman, Lead of User Experience and Visual Design

Joseph Tacoik, Media Relations and Lead of Customer Happiness

Sara Mills Henderson, CFO. Lead of Budgets and Projections

Jillian Walker, CMO. Leader for Sharing our Voice and Growth Strategy

Scott Harris, Legal and Patent Protection